ADS’ Platinum Layered Security Plan

Stop settling for your IT services, find out why ADS is “Simply Better”
Comprehensive security, monitoring and management 24 • 7 • 365

Perimeter Security

  • Email Protection (Aggressive spam and malware protection.)
  • Web Filtering (screen the contents of web pages, i.e. adult sites, gambling sites, social media...)
  • Firewall Security (“Gate-Keeper” Firewall prevents unauthorized access to local area network)

Device Security

  • Anti-Virus (Monitors behavior “watchdog” of traffic, protects from spyware, malware, viruses, etc.)
  • Patch (changes to software/hardware that fix security vulnerabilities and/or bugs)
  • Risk Intelligence (Vulnerability scanning to find “at-risk” data in your business i.e. credit cards, SSN)
  • Firewall Management (PC Level)
  • Backup (cloud based backup for both virtual and physical machines.)

Industry Statistics

If someone wants to hack you, THEY WILL! – You need to have a plan to Protect and Restore yourself
from an Extinction Level Event.

  • 250,000 data records are lost or stolen every hour.
  • Global Ransomware up 20% to $10B in 2018
  • Over 60% of all cybersecurity issues hit small businesses, costing them between $84-164K • 37%
    of attacks caused by the employee
  • 78% of all desktops were affected by Malware in 2017.
  • Only 26% of businesses back up their data, much less have a recovery plan.

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