Small home businesses, corporate offices and large enterprise companies all have one thing in common:
they all need to communicate in writing.

These solutions were designed with every business size in mind.

Advantages of FP Manufacturer:

  1. IMI Certified Products
  2. Typically, 10-40% COST SAVINGS over Pitney Bowes and Neopost Systems
  3. High-Yield Ink Systems are more efficient and save time and money
  4. RENTAL PROGRAMS for as little as $18.00 per month

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FP Featured Models:

  1. PostBase Mini
    Give your small business a boost with FP mailing solutions PostBase mini. Our compact, economical postage
    meter boasts outstanding features like whisper-quiet operation, color touch screen and is the only USPS IMI
    compliant postage meter in its class.
  2. PostBase Econ
    Discover the perfect mailing system for small offices. The PostBase econ is the perfect mailing system for
    small offices. Our PostBase econ is the latest innovation in mailing systems with a full color touchscreen and
    WiFi connectivity for postage and software updates. The PostBase econ is so much more than a postage meter.
  3. PostBase Auto
    The PostBase auto is your ideal powerhouse to meet all your mailing needs and can easily accommodate
    large mail volumes. The automatic feeder pushes mail through seamlessly and is equipped with a seal check
    sensor that ensures your mail maintains its security and integrity. It is also offered in seven different color
    choices that are guaranteed to fit any office style.
  4. PostBase ONE
    Meet the biggest member of the FP Enterprise Series, the PostBase ONE. This machine is large enough to
    handle any mail piece that comes your way. It has enhanced, modular design that plays key role in its ability
    to adapt to your mailing requirements. The experience upholds all of your security standards giving you peace
    of mind that your mail piece sustains its integrity.


  5. MailOne
    MailOne is a fully-integrated software for your PostBase and is the ideal solution for any business that mails
    or ships packages. It is the perfect complement to any business that is looking to eliminate the use of error-
    prone spreadsheets, manual reporting and reduce shipping costs.

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